Monday, February 26, 2007

Please Email

Hey you. I have not yet gotten any emails from people that check out this blog.
Probably because I have not given you guys my email. Sorry! It's
You can also email me with your first name and location[state(if you live in the US)and/or country] and tell me your ideas about how to help stop Global Warming, or you can tell me how you did something to help with anything enviornmental(like conserving energy, paper or water...pretty much anything you did to help the enviornment). If you request, I will type up a blog entry about what you did. Like I said before, PLEASE BE HONEST PEOPLE!!

example of what the entry might look like(I will type up something like this from your emails):
______(your first name) from ______(location) helped stop Global Warming by_____________________________________________________(what you did). Right on, guys!

I suggest that you email me as soon as possible!! Like I said before, I guarantee that you will be posted on this site if you request. I hope to hear from you blog readers soon!

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Gerard is shooting venom (with his eyes) at global warming!



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