Saturday, April 21, 2007


Hey blog readers,
Yesterday and on Thursday, I saw the movie Paperclips at school. It didn't have much to do with global warming, but it was very interesting how the kids in Tennessee showed how many people were hurt during the time of the Holocaust. They were very oblivious when they first heard about the concentration camps and the war, but by the end they knew so much and had made an amazing memorial. What the middle school in Tennessee did was they sent out letters to many, many, schools, celebritys, former presidents, organizations, and homes, asking them to donate paperclips. Their goal was to collect at least 6,000,000 paperclips, representing the Jews who had died from the Holocaust, the nazis, and Hitler. They ended up with over 24,000,000 paperclips! They got a railcar from Germany that used to transport Jews to the concentration camps during the time of the Holocaust. They put 11,000,000 paperclips in the railcar. 6,000,000 representing the Jews who were killed, and 5,000,000 for the Homosexuals, Gypsies, and other victims that were killed as well.
This movie has made me think about what we can do to stop global warming. Not make a memorial, but maybe a model of what the warming is doing to us, to motivate people. I need ideas!! Please comment or email me(!!

Friday, April 6, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

Hey there...a few weeks ago, at school, I saw the movie "An Inconvenient Truth"(the Global Warming movie by Al Gore). I thought there was too much about his personal life and politics(such as when he ran for president against Bush), though when it talked about Global Warming, it made a good point and was well put together. Please post a comment if you have seen(or not seen, I guess that can work also) the movie...I'd like to hear your opinion!!


Gerard is shooting venom (with his eyes) at global warming!



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