Sunday, April 13, 2008


Hey guys! I just got back from seeing Avril Lavigne live. Over all, the concert was wicked short, but I had an amazing time!
We had floor "seats"...yes, a mosh pit.
Afterwards I was wicked tired, but then I got a free Full Throttle Energy Drink, and man, that stuff is magic. I am now fully energized and headache repellent (no matter how hard I head bang.) Whoever invented it is a genius. Seriously. 
Martin Johnson, frontman+lead guitarist of Boys Like Girls waved at me after I made the sign of a heart with my hands. :D
I also held up a sign that said "Boys Like Girls=Heroes" on one side and "Keepin' it Jewish, Evan Taubenfeld!" (though I couldn't hold up Evan's side because he wasn't there. But he really is Jewish, and his parents owned a kosher catering company!!)
And Avril looked at Sarsh and I when we were jumping and screaming and fist pumping and moshing and what-not.

I also came up with a theory. The "Like" in "Boys Like Girls" is a synonym for "are similar to."
Therefore the name meaning "Boys that are similar to girls."
Yayyyyyy :D

However, Avril's act But I loved her energy, and she is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

I am now numb and invincible from all pain because of Full Throttle!! 
That stuff is my hero.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Happy 31st birthday, Gee!
I love you so much. You and the rest of MCR saved my life, man. You made it all the way here, even after all you went through. You are my idol, man, and once again, I love you.

(For those of you who don't know Gee, Gee=Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance)


Gerard is shooting venom (with his eyes) at global warming!



What Rachel Means
R is for Romantic

A is for Animated

C is for Cute

H is for Hardworking

E is for Explosive

L is for Loving




Isn't this text box AWESOME???

Oxymorons (Best one is Rap Music)