Sunday, April 13, 2008


Hey guys! I just got back from seeing Avril Lavigne live. Over all, the concert was wicked short, but I had an amazing time!
We had floor "seats"...yes, a mosh pit.
Afterwards I was wicked tired, but then I got a free Full Throttle Energy Drink, and man, that stuff is magic. I am now fully energized and headache repellent (no matter how hard I head bang.) Whoever invented it is a genius. Seriously. 
Martin Johnson, frontman+lead guitarist of Boys Like Girls waved at me after I made the sign of a heart with my hands. :D
I also held up a sign that said "Boys Like Girls=Heroes" on one side and "Keepin' it Jewish, Evan Taubenfeld!" (though I couldn't hold up Evan's side because he wasn't there. But he really is Jewish, and his parents owned a kosher catering company!!)
And Avril looked at Sarsh and I when we were jumping and screaming and fist pumping and moshing and what-not.

I also came up with a theory. The "Like" in "Boys Like Girls" is a synonym for "are similar to."
Therefore the name meaning "Boys that are similar to girls."
Yayyyyyy :D

However, Avril's act But I loved her energy, and she is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

I am now numb and invincible from all pain because of Full Throttle!! 
That stuff is my hero.


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